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OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer)
Koonlung is an OEM company and can, upon request, print your logo on the products and print the packaging in your company colors.
ODM (Original Design Manufacturer)
As an ODM company, Koonlung would be happy to work with you on any of your new requirements for DVR development. We believe that there is always a strong market for new products.
All of our products are covered by a 1-year warranty.
RMA (Return Merchandise Authorization)
Through our 1-year warranty program, we will repair the damaged device for free. If beyond the 1-year warranty period, we will still try to repair or refurbish the item for you and will only charge the cost of materials. (Some terms apply)
New Technology Support
Since Koonlung has a direct connection with Ambarella (NASDAQ: AMBA) and AIT, we can support you with the newest information on the latest technology, helping you standout from your competitors.
Other Customized Services
At Koonlung, we would love to listen to your new ideas, and would be eager and happy to make your new ideas come true. 

Why your price is so expensive?
Yes. Our price is high. The reason is all of our products are innovative with fashion design and unique features.
Why I need a 6 layer full glass lens?
6 Layer full glass Lens means it has 6 layer of lens and each of the lens are glass. Comparing to plastic lens, more light goes through the glass. The more light go through, the clearer video you get. Also, the more layer of lens it has, the view angle will be wider.
Take a normal 5 layer lens (3 glass and 2 plastic) to test, it surely will convince you the 6 layer full glass lens is much better!
Why I need a 512M memory?
512M can store about 7 minutes videos or 500 photos. The most important is with this internal memory, you can copy the file from SD card to internal memory, so that you can copy the video from one card to another. Say in emergencies, the police ask you to copy the video to his card, then you can handle it with this copy function.
Also when your distributors demonstrate the device, they don’t need to find a card. Say goodbye to that annoying “Beep” warning sound of “no SD card inside”.
Do I need WDR?
WDR( Wide Dynamic Range) is similar to HDR in your mobile phone, which provides clear images even under backlighting (for example, the car light is too bright to see the car license plate and the surroundings in front of you). WDR allows an imaging system to correct for the intense back light surrounding a subject and thus enhances the ability to distinguish features and shapes on the subject. So with WDR, no worries about not being able to record the license plate clearly in strong back light conditions.
Please attention, there’re many DVRs declared they have WDR, while most of them are software processors that helps nothing. Only if the WDR comes from a certain WDR hardware ( a special sensor and chipset), then it will make a big difference. Of course, the price will be quite high accordingly.
What is a GPS radar detector?
It works on a database with GPS. For example, when you get close to the speed cam, you will get alarm. The device knows your GPS coordinates and then compare it with the database. It is a good choice to avoid over speed penalty.
Do you have GPS player for video playback?
Yes. The GPS player displays the driving routes in Google map, the G-Sensor information, direction, speed and so on.
Why I need a compact device?
Compact device is smaller than a normal device. It’s easy to hide in your rear view mirror or just take a little space on your window shield. Do you really want to put a big stupid device to attract thief’s attention? 
What is slow video?
Slow video means 720P 60fps. When you edit the movie, it will have much slow effect because it has more frames than 30fps. It can product much touching moment in your video.
Why I need a split camera?
Split camera means the camera is separated from the main DVR. Usually, the split camera is very small, then it is almost invisible when hidden behind the rear view mirror. Both the thieves and passengers will never know that you get a DVR installed in your car.
What is tired driving warning?
This function is designed to warn the driver to take a rest during long trips to ensure driver’s safety, DVR will beep to attract driver’s attention.
What is LDWS?
LDWS, Lane Departure Warning System, is a mechanism designed to warn a driver when the vehicle begins to move out of its lane (this usually happens if the driver falls asleep or distracted from the road), DVR will beep to wake up or attract the driver's attention.
What is open light warning?
This function is designed to warn the driver to open the car light in dark conditions to ensure driver’s safety, DVR will beep to warn the driver.
Possible to choose different colors?
For some models, yes.
What is the view angle means, if it says 140°?
Our view angle means horizontal angle, though the numbers are not big, but it is the real view angle.
Is your lens fish-eye?
Our lens are not fish-eye. So the corner of the image is straight, not warp like normal lens.